European elections 2019
Communism is a new idea in Europe ! For a call from all the communist parties in Europe

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The next extraordinary congress of the French Communists will of course deal with questions of internationalism, struggles against imperialism and war, solidarity of workers against capitalist globalization, the right of peoples to self-determination and their sovereignty, solidarity with migrants first of all against the causes of immigration and the mafia networks that exploit them, in defense of their right to dignity, for a policy of welcome which is part of real cooperation with the countries of emigration.

In this context, the preparation of the next European elections is a practical exercise that concretises and illustrates the diversity of views and issues of international issues.

The reconstruction of a great communist party in France is intimately linked to the reconstruction of a communist point of view on the world, and therefore of the reconstruction of the international communist movement. Contacts, meetings at the level of organizations as well as the militant level are multiplying, as shown by the hundreds of communists of all European countries, the thousands coming from all over the planet, for the 100th anniversary of the revolution. October.

In Europe, Communists are divided. Those who are most involved in the GUE as the PCF defend the project of a social Europe that would be the answer to current capitalist Europe. Others defend the left exit of the European Union as a structure of capitalist globalization. Others, like the KKE, insist on popular power and class struggle in Europe, defending the construction of socialism in Greece as a response to the European dictatorship.

But all can find themselves in the social struggles against European multinationals, be they English, French, German, or others ... by organizing the international solidarity of the workers, and all need to rebuild the legitimacy of a political perspective of changing society.

The European elections will be organized by the dominant left and right political forces around the false cleavages masking the responsibilities of the leaders. In France, Macron will present himself as the representative of modernity against archaisms, democracy against authoritarianism. The enemies are all designated, the rights distort sovereignists, extreme right. Their goal is to prevent any public debate about what could be another society freeing itself from the domination of economic oligarchies.

We believe that Communists from all over Europe, despite their divisions, can make a common appeal to all peoples, to assert that modernity is in excess of capitalism, that communism is a new idea in Europe.

It would open useful debates on what another society might be, a form of socialism adapted to each country, on the necessary conditions of respect for the political sovereignty of peoples.

This call could favor national lists widely open to activists from various European countries, and countries from European partnerships (Mediterranean, Eastern Europe ...)

Without masking the existing differences, it could help all the peoples of Europe to become aware of the possibility of internationalism apart from the false opposition between submission to the dictates of the European Union and the violence of extreme nationalisms. right.

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